SoorSangam Class Requirements and Policy

We feel that you should benefit from Indian music for all the great things it is known for and should be full of fun and passion. To make sure you get the most of your SoorSangam experience we have set forth the following rules and regulations that apply to Students and/or Teachers of SoorSangam and SoorSangam Team and have been referenced in the Terms you accepted while registering to the web site.

Free Class Trial Offer: 30 minutes

This is a onetime offer for new students only. You will get a free class trial of 30 minutes with a teacher of your choice. You will also be able to access or download the recording of the free trial class after signing in to the web site. In order to take a free trial class you must first register to the web site and sign up to the free class trial offer. There are no commitments, contracts or obligations. This offer is totally free!

Paid Classes

In order to take these classes you must first register to the web site and sign up to a SoorSangam plan. You also must select a teacher of your choice. We cannot guarantee that you will be scheduled with the teacher of your choice. We will try our best to match your schedule and availability with the teacher's schedule availability and schedule your class. All classes are pre-paid and non-refundable. All the students signing up will be charged $25 application and setup fee.

How does this work?

  1. The classes are conducted on a subscription basis and you will be subscribing to an annual subscription based on the monthly payments of 10 months. So when you sign up you will be signing up for an annual subscription with SoorSangam – but you will be billed every month automatically for the first 10 months only from the day you sign up for the subscription. This subscription will be created by PayPal. We will create a schedule for consecutive 40 classes on a weekly basis to cover 1 year starting from the day you subscribe to this.
  2. The day you do not take a class or the day a teacher is not able to conduct a class – we will keep the dates of that class as is – which would be adjusted at the end of 40 weeks. We will maintain notes for the canceled class.
  3. All the classes will expire at the end of 52 weeks period: 1 year starting the day of subscription. We will reconsider this in case there are cancellations due to technical problems on a teacher’s side and that does not allow the teacher to conduct a class.
  4. You will be able to cancel your annual subscription any time by either going to PayPal directly or you can ask us to cancel the subscription. If you cancel your subscription, take a break and subscribe again, there will be a $25 reinstating fee applied to your account.
  5. Class recordings are provided complimentary and currently no fee is being charged for the recording or storage of the recordings. We will try our best to make the recordings available to you as soon as possible. We are not able to give any make up classes in lieu of the missed recording.

How does Annual subscription work?

A student subscribes to SoorSangam on Feb 1, 2011. He takes classes every Friday. So we will create 40 classes on 40 Fridays starting 4th February, 2011 ending on December 2nd, 2011. No classes will be created until 3rd February, 2012 – which covers 12 weeks. During this 12 weeks period, students and teachers can make up for any missing classes. You are welcome to start with the new subscription, any time starting January 1st if you have completed your classes. But you must subscribe for the next year’s subscription by February 4t, 2012 to avoid any reinstating fees.

SoorSangam Class Technical Requirements:

  • A PC or MAC with Sound Card. Minimum PC requirements - Windows XP, 256 MB RAM, Internet Explorer or FireFox BroadBand or DSL Internet Connection - minimum 256 K speed is recommended.
  • SoorSangam will use Skype for audio communication between a teacher and a student.
  • A Skype account is required. Skype is available free. Go to the Skype web site and download skype.
  • A good quality headsets
  • Electronic tanpura. If you do not have one please go to Tanpura Downloads page to download electronic mp3 files.
  • Electronic Tabla

Please contact us if you need help with purchasing electronic tanpura or tabla.


PayPal accepts the following payment methods and the payment process has been setup using "". All the payments happen on the PayPal web site through secure payment gateway provided by PayPal. You can pay using your PayPal account or use one of the following payment methods offered on the PayPal web site where you need not have a PayPal account. These are some of the other payment methods: • VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card or debit card • eCheck: withdrawal of funds from your bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) When you subscribe to SoorSangam, you will be charged by PayPal monthly fees for the first 10 months of your subscription.


  • Students will be able to sign-up, make payment and create a schedule for the classes they have signed up for. SoorSangam will confirm or update this schedule based on the availability of teachers and registered student. Once the classes are scheduled the teacher and the student are required to connect to the internet and login to their Skype account at their scheduled date and time as per their own time zone. If there is a change in the schedule you must notify SoorSangam team.
  • Majority of our teachers reside in India and in most of the cases there is a time zone difference between student class time and teacher class time. We will try our best to give you enough notice about any cancellations or delays from the teacher's side. Although if, due to technical, logistics and/or other difficulties beyond our control if a teacher is not able to conduct a class we will notify students about any cancellations or delays. If we are not able to notify you in a reasonable time frame - a general guideline is to wait for the teacher for 15 minutes and then sign-off. We will reschedule your class in such circumstances, even if this class goes beyond your expiry date.
  • If a student is not able to attend a class we will need at least 24 hours notice in order to reschedule the class. A student needs to notify to the teacher directly by phone or to a SoorSangam Support by email or on Skype. If a student does not show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, the class will be canceled.

Class Recordings

We record all our SoorSangam classes. This feature is provided to students at no additional cost. The recording is done from the teacher's side only so students will hardly hear their voice in the recording. This helps a lot when you practice using the recording. The teacher is responsible for recording and uploading the recording to the web site. We will try our best to record the classes - but if due to technical difficulties beyond our control, if for any reason a recording is lost or corrupted there is no way to retrieve that recording.