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Ms. Joshi is very friendly and bonds very good. I liked her sweet and melodious sound. We get MP3 copy which is highly desired.

From : Dallas

Download Tanpura Files

Do not have electronic Tanpura? “Riyaaz” using these tanpura files in mp3 format. Open them in your music player on your computer or your mp3 player in repeat mode.   Download Tanpura files


SoorSangam announced its launch in India at a press conference conducted on August 12th, 2008. The press conference was attended by more than 15 editors of the respected news papers from Maharashtra. The press conference was atteneded by the SoorSangam executive team Vibha Godse Gore, Shubhangi Manish and the respected teachers of SoorSangam Mr Suhas Vyas and Dr Mrs Joshi.  More..